Spiral Notebook
Amazing, Chilling Video of Nature in Action
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
August 9, 2016
Amazing, Chilling Video of Nature in Action

An osprey webcam on Hog Island, Maine, captured this amazing video.  If you’re an osprey fan, you’ll probably be sad.  If you’re an eagle fan, you might cheer.  But in nature, cheers and boos aren’t appropriate.  Wild things do their best to survive and to carry their heritage on to the next generation.  A meal for osprey chicks mean the death of a fish, and a meal for eagle chicks can mean the death of an osprey chick.  That’s the truth of nature in action.


Be sure to read the text as well as view the video.  You’ll see how the different behaviors of two of the chicks saved their lives, giving them a chance to carry on their family line.

Torn Paper

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