Spiral Notebook
An update on Fearless the gorilla!
by Pamela Turner
February 8, 2014
An update on Fearless the gorilla!

Readers met Fearless, a young lowland gorilla, in my book GORILLA DOCTORS. “Fearless” is a translation of his Rwandan name, Ntabwoba. Since being nursed back to health by the Gorilla Doctors, Ntabwoba has grown up into a fine young gorilla. He now lives at the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) in a remote part of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. GRACE is the only place in the world that provides rehabilitative care for eastern lowland gorillas (or Grauer’s gorillas) that were victims of poaching or the illegal pet trade. Ntabwoba and the other orphans receive medical care, a wild-based diet, a forest habitat, and, most importantly, a chance to once again live in a family with other Grauer’s gorillas. As the oldest male, nine-year-old Ntabwoba is the dominant gorilla and leader of his new family. Young gorillas develop about twice as quickly as young humans, so in gorilla terms Ntabwoba is a young adult. GRACE is working toward the ultimate goal of one day reintroducing Ntabwoba and other gorillas back into the wild. GRACE also works alongside local Congolese communities on conservation education and capacity building initiatives to help them protect gorillas and other endangered wildlife. We hope that someday Ntabwoba and all other gorillas will be able to live safely where they are meant to be–in the wild. For regular updates on Ntabwoba and the other orphans, you can follow GRACE on Facebook and Twitter.

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