Spiral Notebook
Scientists in the Field subject featured in TIME magazine
by Erica Zappy
September 2, 2013
Scientists in the Field subject featured in TIME magazine

Did any of you happen to catch the August TIME magazine cover story, A World Without Bees/The Plight of the Honeybee?  Those of you who have read Loree Griffin Burns’ The Hive Detectives might have recognized some of the names featured in Bryan Walsh’s article illustrating the serious trouble we, as humans, will be in if the bees continue to disappear.  We always aim to publish books about important, relevant subjects in the field of science and nature, and since Colony Collapse Disorder is a troubling issue for all of us, we are happy to see it getting more worldwide exposure.  Check out the article and read The Hive Detectives if you haven’t already!


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Torn Paper

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